Off road bicycle paths – providing low carbon transport networks and much more

Awesome best practice urban design by Human Habitats. We love the future proof, low or no ongoing carbon emissions sustainable transport initiatives of off-road bicycle paths along all major roads linking key destinations.

Off road paths:

  • When well linked to key destinations can be a significant mode of transport to reduce on-road congestion
  • Are especially important with the building uptake of people using electric scooters and bicycles
  • Can reduce the need for a second car, which reduces financial stress on families, and consequently reduces other stresses within the family
  • Provide an equitable community allowing mobility for people under the age of 18, the elderly, or those who do not drive
  • Encourage people to get out of their cars and meet their neighbours with incidental, bump-into interactions
  • Encourage kids outside and off screens.
  • Provide children the freedom to travel safely to school with friends, while freeing up parents from the time spent dropping kids off at school
  • Encourage people to exercise more
  • Reduce lifestyle greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support a more liveable, connected community

In addition the paths at Thornhill Park are separated pedestrian and bicycle paths for added safety.

Off-road paths for transit as well as recreation.

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