We are passionate about creating better places – buildings, communities or organisations. Looking for different ways to do this drives us.

Craig Harris spent 18 years working in building design and delivery prior to commencing sustainability consultancy Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting in 2009. LID Consulting came about due to a passion to have a more significant impact in creating better places – Better places in the buildings or community development projects or organisations we are involved with.

Craig also wanted to work with good people, on good projects, and enjoy life!

So we hire staff who feel similar. They are passionate, smart, likeable and easy to deal with.

A bit more:

  • We provide sustainable building, community and organisation consulting for all sectors – mixed use, multi-dwelling residential, subdivisions, commercial, education, health care, aged care, community, retail, hospitality, tourism, industrial and warehouse.
  • Craig in conjunction with Spatial planner Neil Cooney also provide liveable community consulting, addressing environmental, social and economic elements of developing sustainable and liveable communities. Craig also trained in economics. For more information on liveable communities see Craig’s articles on our Liveable Communities blog
  • Our sustainable building, communities and organisation work includes sustainability reports to meet development town planning and building permit stage requirements, and also to go beyond requirements to establish strategies to help clients further embrace sustainability in their development, community or organisation.
  • We love to provide value, and make sure we do through fast responses, quality work, a guaranteed resolution, friendly engagements, and sustainability insights not always considered by others.
  • We increasingly put price ranges on initiatives and quantify benefits.
  • We actively participate in helping you to market the sustainability of your project and the contributing team – if you are making ESD commitments, people should know about and understand the benefits of those commitments.
  • We are a multi-disciplinary team of environmental and mechanical engineers, architects and project managers
  • We love to be engaged early in projects, when our input can help prevent redesign, and easily hone some simple sustainability wins.
  • We are not just a consultant at the other end of an email. We actively engage on the phone or in person.
  • In line with our vision to simplify sustainability we developed the free, online R value insulation calculation tool

If you are looking for more details see our Testimonials or Projects pages

Alternatively if you are looking to discuss sustainability or waste services to meet mandatory requirements or help you to push the envelope and deliver higher performing outcomes, feel free to call us on 03 9016 9486 or contact us here.