Circular economy low carbon permeable kerbing

Win – win – win – win.

Australia’s first permeable, recycled tyre kerbs are being trialed at the Pakenham Level Crossing Removal project in the new East Pakenham Station car park. The kerbing is made from granulated waste tyres and crushed rock, which is bound together using an epoxy binder – with zero cement required.

Win 1 – Reducing waste, by continuing the life of waste products is a circular economy solution

Win 2 – Reducing the need for highly energy intensive and currently highly green house gas generating product such as cement contributes to a low carbon product variant solution

Win 3 – Permaeable kerbing in lieu of non-permeable kerbing creates the ability to capture and trap impurities in situ to reduce the level of these that enter our stormwater drains

Win 4 – Permeable kerbing should allow water infiltration into the ground surrounding the kerbing – providing increased passive watering of vegetation from stormwater where otherwise the water bypasses the vegetation and is directed down the stormwater drain.

Victoria’s Big Build, the University of Melbourne Faculty of Engineering, and Porous Lane (a company that recycles tyres to produce permeable paving) have partnered to deliver the innovative kerbing solution. See the story

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