designing out crime assessment

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Designing out Crime through a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment is a valuable tool for focusing a design team on enhancing safety and security in a variety of settings. By systematically evaluating the physical environment, CPTED offers numerous benefits:

1. Crime Prevention: CPTED assessments promote a proactive approach to crime prevention by focusing on the physical environment. They help identify potential vulnerabilities in spaces such as neighborhoods, parks, or commercial areas, ultimately reducing the opportunity for criminal activities or making spaces less attractive to potential offenders. Safety measures include an assessment of natural surveillance, lighting, secure access control and other elements.

2. Economic Benefits: Safer environments attract businesses and residents, potentially boosting property or rental values, and local economies.

3. Cost Savings: Preventing crime is more cost-effective than addressing its consequences. CPTED can reduce expenses related to graffiti clean-up, law enforcement, insurance claims, and victim support.

4. Legal Compliance: Implementing CPTED principles may help organizations meet legal or planning obligations related to safety and accessibility.

CPTED assessments are a holistic approach to improving safety, saving costs, and enhancing the overall livability of spaces.

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Designing out Crime