get daylight right the first time

Daylight modelling assessments

At LID Consulting our daylight assessment consultants proactively identify easy to implement solutions that maximise the internal daylight amenity of all development types.

Getting daylight right in the early stages of development is not just important for council requirements but can also significantly improve the amenity and comfort of residents in your property, in neighbouring properties, and in turn the value of your property.

Our experienced ESD consultants will work with you to remove daylight as a planning permit discussion issue. With over a decade of experience in all areas of environmentally sustainable development (ESD) reports for councils we can undertake basic deemed-to-satisfy assessments – or build more instructive daylight analysis models. We can prepare daylight models from scratch or simplify proceedings with CAD plans.

“LID Consulting provided technical Daylight Assessment input, that greatly guided and informed the preparation of built form recommendations. [They] were highly professional and regularly produced quality technical outputs within constrained time frames … The technical reports were written in plain English …. their work added robust support and value to the project recommendations and their input and expertise provided during client meetings was invaluable. It was a pleasure to work with LID Consulting and I would highly recommend their team of ESD Consultants”

Nikki Hill, Principal, Ethos Urban

Daylight assessments are also a useful tool for presenting a non-complying planning argument. A daylight analysis can compare your proposed solution to the Residential Development Standards (Rescode) envelope – to demonstrate no disadvantage from a non-complying design.

If needed we can also comment on the sunlight ingress of your building. Council often requires a minimum of three hours of sunlight in living rooms between 9am and 3pm in mid-winter.

Contact us to deliver smart sustainable daylight solutions. We generally provide quotes within 24 hours and turn around reports within 1-2 weeks or to meet specific time-frames.


daylight modelling in an Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) report
This daylight simulation has been carried out under a 10,000 lux CIE overcast sky. Red areas show good daylight. Grey areas have dropped below the threshold.


daylight assessment modelling
LID Consulting Principal, Craig Harris identifying potential issues with daylight