Post tsunami reconstruction Sri Lanka 

After the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami  LID principal Craig Harris spent 6 months in Kalutara, Sri Lanka as the District Senior Construction Manager charged with activating World Vision’s rebuild program in the district (one of 9 for the country). In conjunction with the eligible clients review team, Craig’s site sourcing and design and build team was able to deliver over 125 dwellings, 50 shops and multiple toilet blocks at schools.

Issues that had to be addressed included keeping communities together where desired, delivering designs, structural improvements outside of typical local construction practices, flooding surveys, determining appropriate finished floor levels, stormwater removal creek debris clearing, suitable site layouts, the supply of services, site access during construction and afterwards, build quality control and ensuring compatible applicants were located together. Note the typical local colour scheme was adopted, but could have been improved on to differentiate townhouses, supporting personalisation of dwellings.