Existing apartments – Plan for getting off gas, going all electric and incorporating solar PV and EV infrastructure

LID have just completed preparing a strategy for two existing 1960s double brick apartment blocks in North Melbourne to get off gas, go all electric, and incorporate solar PV and EV infrastructure.

Key points:

  • The buildings have a low capacity electrical supply from the street because gas has always been used for space heating, hot water, gas ovens and gas cooktops
  • An electrical upgrade is required and various options should be considered
  • Solar panels can readily be incorporated to optimise onsite generated power and share electricity to apartment dwellers not just common area power. Over two buildings we can incorporate 83kW
  • There are simple value measures that can have a big impact in reducing carbon emissions and operating costs. Heating accounts for a large portion of occupants energy use
  • Upgrading an existing apartment building with decent size rooms to current comfort and efficiency standards is much cheaper and the more sustainable option compared to demolishing and building new again. Gas regulations leave an efficiency hangover

What resident and architect Ying-Lan Dann from the owners corporation said about the project:

“LID was engaged to undertake a sustainability report examining the feasibility of transitioning our 33-unit 1960s apartment block toward more sustainable energy sources. They provided a very thorough report including input from relevant sub-consultants, blue sky aims and preliminary costs. The report has formed the basis of critical ongoing work that our Owner’s Corporation is doing to future-proof our apartments; we could not have progressed this work without LID’s expertise and professionalism”.

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