Pumped Hydro in action – Kidston Clean Energy Hub

We have long been a fan of the potential of pumped hydro as a key member of the renewable energy mix. Here’s an update on a pumped hydro scheme in Far-North Queensland servicing Townsville and Cairns on track for completion late 2024.

The 250MW Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project is the first pumped hydro project in Australia for over 40 years, the first to be developed by the private sector, and the third largest electricity storage device in the country. It generated electricity will be able to support 140,000 homes for 8 hours which is almost the population of Cairns (164,000 in 2024).

It is part of the Kidston Clean Energy Hub that comprises integrated and co-located renewable power generation projects comprising large-scale solar, pumped storage hydro, and wind energy.

The Project as well as generating 900 jobs will help Queensland achieve its Renewable Energy Targets of 70% by 2032 and 80% per cent by 2035.

For more details view this video or visit the Genex website. See also Google maps image below.

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