Refurbishing sites to optimise zero carbon potential and more

LID are pleased to be working through the implementation of our ESD recommendations report for the above large state government office and workshops redevelopment.

Our ESD report made sensible but achievable recommendations across all ESD focus areas and provided design goals and options applicable to all design consultants.

The framework used did not involve Green Star but focused on setting the project up to minimise carbon emissions during the demolition, construction and operation phases of the facility, such that the project is better positioned should they choose to become a net zero emissions site. We also focused on supporting and regenerating natural systems,  creating healthy indoor environments and climate resilience.

Highlights include the computer simulations to suggest the insulation and glazing retrofitting measures that will have the best energy efficiency outcomes (beyond Building Code), shading optimisation through similar modelling, recommending and researching innovative material solutions that maintained the circularity of the materials involved, recommending low carbon and circular materials for site works, and more.

If you have an existing refurbishment project or new project that seeks to meet building code requirements but also investigate how you can go further we would love to discuss your options.


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