School Sustainability Plan

School Sustainability Plan - wasteSchool Sustainability Plan - shadingSchool Sustainability Plan - water infiltration


School Sustainability Plan - water infiltrationSchool Sustainability Plan - waste minimisation

School Sustainability Plan - waste

“Craig and his team were thorough, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  The report produced, as well as being a very accurate and informative reflection on where we are at, provided a clear direction forward in assisting Mentone Grammar to rethink practices to improve sustainability”. Deb Frizza – Deputy Principal – Strategic Implementation, Mentone Grammar

What does our LID Consulting School Sustainability Plan provide? Critically it will address school strategic policy goals of taking action on sustainability. The action involves delivering a framework for improving the sustainability performance of your school. The Framework includes providing aspirational and realistic goals, identifying best practice measures, a detailed review of operations, and a road-map with practical, implementable ideas for improved sustainability. Our ideas include building and behavioural changes – many simple and minimal cost. Our outputs assist with budgeting for following the road-map.

Our School Sustainability Plan process involves extensive feedback from students, teachers, grounds and administration staff, and potentially the wider school community.

We research aspects of the school’s or organisations operations and provide a pragmatic document that details current facilities and behaviour, sets true best practice goals, and includes summary and detailed lists of opportunities for improvement. The school or organisation decides how fast it proceeds towards the identified goals, but there are many ‘easy gets’ presented in the opportunities lists.

Our Sustainability Plan reviews energy consumption, water consumption, waste generation, procurement and other significant elements affecting sustainability.

A review of the opportunities for improvement will show that some initiatives will involve upgrading the building, services or infrastructure. However there are just as many opportunities that will be identified that come from behavioural changes by the school or organisation or suppliers to the school or organisation.

You will be surprised how by understanding all of the workings of a large organisation and asking the right questions, very many ‘easy get’ initiatives can surface and be readily addressed.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the process or request a quote. We will generally turn around quotes within 24 hours.