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Sustainable Materials selection

With all types of building projects (new builds, extensions, renovations or fit-outs) smart sustainable material choices can help support and encourage more sustainable building practices as well as providing a better indoor environment for occupants.

Choice of building fit-out materials and furnishings

  • Third party accredited finishes and fittings – GECA, Green Tag
  • Carpets / carpet tiles including cushion backed carpet tiles to improve comfort levels and get closer to the feel of carpet
  • Fabrics to include significant recycled components – predominantly but not exclusively (as a preliminary search strategy)
  • Desk systems
  • No unsustainable rainforest timber
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sustainable material selection

Our own office fit-out includes

Sustainable material selection in our office fit-out includes:

  • Second hand office desks
  • Renovated arm chairs with fabric containing 80% recycled PET component
  • Polished concrete floor – minimising materials use by avoiding floor coverings. Providing exposed concrete to modulate building temperatures and reduce the need for heating and cooling
  • All natural coir woven mat under meeting table – non PVC backed
  • Stand-up desks
  • Garbage, co-mingled recycling, in-office battery recycling containers

Visit our comprehensive database of sustainable concepts and materials at designlightly.com.au or all us for a chat to discuss smart sustainable solutions. We provide most quotes within 24 hours.